Jungle Animal Centerpiece

This centerpiece is always a hit and is an easy DIY addition to your party. Here’s a list of what you’ll need: A flat of wheat grass Thick ribbon Hot glue gun Stuffed animal Gerber daisies Onion grass Thistles Pointed flower stem tubes First, glue the thick ribbon around the base of the wheat grass. […]

Baby Style

Mina Kay Diaper Bag Backpack

I thought I’d write about my love affair with the Mina Kay diaper bag backpack a little.  First off, let me say that making the switch to the backpack style diaper bag has been life changing. I will NEVER go back to lugging my shoulder bag around while trying to wrangle a baby and a […]


Brian for Hire Update

Brian for Hire is a pilot I shot a bit ago that was released online as a web series. The creator/director has been submitting the pilot to festivals and competitions around the world and it’s been kicking butt!  Here are a few of the competitions we’ve won so far: Can’t wait to see where this […]

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