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Mina Kay Diaper Bag Backpack

I thought I’d write about my love affair with the Mina Kay diaper bag backpack a little.  First off, let me say that making the switch to the backpack style diaper bag has been life changing. I will NEVER go back to lugging my shoulder bag around while trying to wrangle a baby and a […]


Bless Box

I was totally suckered into a Facebook ad for a new subscription called Bless Box. I received my first box this week and I’m pretty glad that I clicked on that ad! Bless Box is a monthly subscription containing items from the beauty, health and food categories. It’s price tag of $29.99 plus $7.50 shipping […]


Stitchfix for Men

Stitchfix has boxes for Men now! How did I not know this? Of course I had to order one for my hubby who hates shopping and can be a little clueless about what goes with what (Love you babe). Each box includes 5 items that fit within the style settings you’ve chosen from the website. […]

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