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My Kitchen Remodel

I shared a photo of my kitchen remodel on Pinterest a while ago and it got a ton of interest so I thought I’d post a few more photos here as well as a shot of what it looked like before the remodel. Our home was built in 1980 so we have your typical galley kitchen […]

Baby Home

Morning Sickness… No One is Safe

When I started this blog earlier in the year I had every intention of keeping up with a strict schedule of content publishing but… then I got pregnant. So big whoop right? Women get pregnant every day and their lives go on. For everyone that has ever had any bit of morning sickness, I apologize for […]


Freshly Picked

I have a love-hate relationship with gardening. I love how pretty flowers in bloom make my yard look but I sometimes hate the work it takes to get them there.  Take my roses for example. I planted my baby, bare-root rose bushes two years ago. Last year half of them took, the other half never […]

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