My Week with Freshly

My Week with Freshly

I’ll admit, I started off on a skeptical note with Freshly. Microwave meals just scream 80’s TV dinner to me and while that brings to mind some awesome memories, it doesn’t inspire the most confidence in a home cooked meal. I was skeptical about the taste, the quality, the freshness… basically everything. With pregnancy fatigue going full force I’ve been too exhausted to cook anything from scratch. This has meant TONS of takeout for my family and with surprisingly few places to get a healthy takeout meal, I’ve been feeling like our meals are on repeat. So with all that going on, I decided to go ahead and put my reservations aside and give Freshly a try.

The result? The meals actually turned out to be pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised. Included in my box was Sausage Baked Penne, Pork Carnitas, and Steak Peppercorn (yes I was especially skeptical about that one). Check out my video to see how my week went and scroll down for more info on the company and a special promo link to try it out.

Info on Freshly: Freshly is a company that aims to offer healthy “chef-prepared, all-natural, gourmet meals” delivered to your doorstep and ready in 3 minutes. (Hey, you can’t beat that prep time!) The company also stresses that their meals are never frozen and will never contain gluten, refined sugars, or artificial additives.

Want to give Freshly a try? Use the link below to get 30% off your meals!

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