Morning Sickness… No One is Safe

Morning Sickness… No One is Safe

When I started this blog earlier in the year I had every intention of keeping up with a strict schedule of content publishing but… then I got pregnant.

So big whoop right? Women get pregnant every day and their lives go on. For everyone that has ever had any bit of morning sickness, I apologize for this attitude. With my first pregnancy, I sailed through the first trimester. The only thing that gave me away as being pregnant was that I was tired during the day. I had ZERO morning sickness.  You know those women in the pregnancy ads you see that are smiling and affectionate with their husbands and cradling their bellies in anticipation over the little miracle growing inside of them? That’s what I felt like.

I know, I hate me too.

Fast forward to this year and that first positive pregnancy test. Hooray! I can count on at least 3 more months of feeling great and looking normal normal right? It’ll totally be the same. Wrong. So so so wrong. I was completely floored. I never actually threw up but I basically felt like I was going to 24/7. The couch became my new best friend – one that I could not visit nearly as much as I wanted to with my tiny toddler demanding my attention. My productivity was zero. I was basically just surviving every day. It was depressing, soul-sucking, and really hard to accept for a person like me who is constantly working on one project or another.

I’m one of the lucky ones though who has a great support system in place. My family and friends totally picked up my slack and kept me sane. My husband was my hero and took on way more than his share of cooking, cleaning and caring for our daughter. He also frequently talked me off the ledge when I felt like I couldn’t handle another day of feeling like crap. For all of that I am just so thankful and now that I’m well over halfway through this pregnancy I can look back and laugh… not really, it’s still too soon, but I am feeling more and more like myself.

So for all of you mamas who are going through a tough trimester (or 2, or 3), I salute you! You definitely deserve all the love that little baby is going to give you.

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