Alice in Wonderland Junior Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Junior Costumes

Alice in Wonderland was definitely a fun show.  It featured 70 kids ages 6-13 years old & was one of the most colorful & quirky shows we’ve ever done.  There are a ton of lead roles in this show making it one that was perfect for us because it let us challenge our kids by giving them more responsibility & stage time.  I highly recommend it for any youth program.

The show itself was on the shorter side but the songs in it were full of catchy tunes & personality.  Costume-wise I definitely wanted to stay with the fun & quirky vibe.

We started the show out in the “real world” with muted pastels, many of which we had previously used in Thoroughly Modern Millie – very budget-friendly.  Then in Wonderland I went with the brightest colors I could find with patterns galore.  I had polka dots, stripes plaid… anything I could find.

As you will see, I bought a lot of the costumes on Amazon and they held up great. Here are some photos and the links of what I did for the costumes to inspire you.

Alice (regular, tall & small): There are a ton of options for Alice costumes out there. I ordered a bunch and chose to go with this one because the fabric wasn’t a shiny satin – which I knew would snag/stain/rip/etc. so easily – and it was also a traditional Alice look.  I ordered 3 of them so regular, tall and small Alice would have the same dress. Obviously I had to alter them accordingly but it was really easy and looked great!

Narrators: I used girl Mad Hatter costumes I found on Amazon. They were really fun and the girls were excited to wear them. Here are links to the costumes I bought.

Alice in Wonderland Jr. Narrators


Mad Hatter: I loved this costume because it was quirky and eclectic looking. I did have to take the pants and jacket in for our skinny 15-year-old boys but it other than that it was perfect.

Mad Hatter


White Rabbit: This may be one of my favorite Amazon costume purchases ever. This costume was so cute with the ears on the hat, vest, as well as the hand and foot covers. I’ve actually used it of a couple of other shows as well.

White Rabbit


March Hare: There weren’t very many options for this costume but I loved the ears coming out of the hat and the shoe covers included in this costume. It also coordinated perfectly with the Mad Hatter.

March Hare


Door Mouse: This is a Mad Hatter costume but I actually used it with some ears for our little girl Dormouse. She looked very cute and ready for her tea party.

Rock Lobsters: I decided to use little devil costumes for the Rock Lobsters. I searched for ones that were all red without flames or tails.  I ditched the devil horns and made little headbands with pipe cleaners and eyeballs.

Rock Lobsters

Caterpillar: I used the Fun Costumes Caterpillar which was more expensive than I was aiming for but my options were limited.  It is a really cool costume though.  I cut slits in the back and sewed on blue fabric with elastic wristbands so that the actor playing the role could pull out wings.

Queen and King of Hearts: This Queen of Hearts dress was gorgeous and looked great on stage. The only adjustment I had to make was to the bust. Since our girls were middle-schoolers and this is an adult costume, they didn’t quite fill it out. I chose this King of Hearts costume because it looked the most like a playing card. It was a little long so I had to take it up a bit.

Check out the promo video from our production which features the talented YL Spotlight Alice in Wonderland, Jr. cast.

Are you producing Alice in Wonderland Jr? Share your ideas!

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