Brian for Hire Update

Brian for Hire is a pilot I shot a bit ago that was released online as a web series. The creator/director has been submitting the pilot to festivals and competitions around the world and it’s been kicking butt!  Here are a few of the competitions we’ve won so far: Can’t wait to see where this […]


My Kitchen Remodel

I shared a photo of my kitchen remodel on Pinterest a while ago and it got a ton of interest so I thought I’d post a few more photos here as well as a shot of what it looked like before the remodel. Our home was built in 1980 so we have your typical galley kitchen […]


Bless Box

I was totally suckered into a Facebook ad for a new subscription called Bless Box. I received my first box this week and I’m pretty glad that I clicked on that ad! Bless Box is a monthly subscription containing items from the beauty, health and food categories. It’s price tag of $29.99 plus $7.50 shipping […]

Food & Drink

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Flavor: Generic Sweet Sugar Flavor (purple) and Sour Syrup (blue) Calories: 280 (tall) Caffeine: None Available: April 19-23 while supplies last I had my baby with me solo today so drive thru it was for lunch. Thankfully I can always count on a Starbucks panini to save me from my undying urge to scarf down […]

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