The Addams Family Costumes

I finally have my garage back now that I’ve cleaned and returned all of the costumes from my crazy 2-production January. But before I returned them, I filmed a little video to walk you through what I had for each character in Addams Family. Since this show is newer, I did a ton of research on sources for costumes so I’ve shared a little of that in the video for those of you who are looking to buy your costumes.  Also, check out the gallery below for pictures 🙂

In case you’ve watched the video and are not familiar with AliExpress, it’s a website that is basically like an Amazon from China.  You can find some great, low cost costumes on there as well as find people who will make more elaborate costumes for you.  I’ve had great luck buying on there but make sure to pay attention to shipping times, measurements and reviews.