School of Rock

I just wrapped an amazing production of School of Rock! This production was so special for a few reasons. One, the show is still on Broadway. they never release the rights to shows until they’ve finished their Broadway run. Two, we had a live band and the performers all had to play their own instruments! Many of our kids had to learn these instruments after they got the part so that gave them all of 3 months to learn. We had boys who learned the drums, piano and guitar and girls who learned to play the bass. It was AMAZING.

Costume-wise this show is pretty easy since it’s all normal clothes and uniforms.  Although with our 90-kid cast, the sheer number of costumes was such a challenge… I’m still boxing returns, washing costumes, and my garage is still unusable. 

Since this show is as new as it gets, there weren’t any rental options available to me. I ended up buying all of the uniforms from the French Toast website and Walmart.  I had to agree not to copy the Broadway costumes so I went with blue/gold plaid instead of the burgundy they use on Broadway.  For all of the teachers and adults, I hit up my local Salvation Army thrift store on 50% off day and also way over ordered from Amazon and Walmart to make sure I had all of my bases covered.

This show is new and exciting so we had a huge cast and great ticket sales. Not only that, but our social media has been flooded with messages from grateful parents and kids who have said that this show was their favorite theatre experience so far.  And in the end, isn’t that the point of producing non-profit youth theatre?

Check out the promo video I made below to get a case for the show 🙂