My Kitchen Remodel

My Kitchen Remodel

I shared a photo of my kitchen remodel on Pinterest a while ago and it got a ton of interest so I thought I’d post a few more photos here as well as a shot of what it looked like before the remodel. Our home was built in 1980 so we have your typical galley kitchen that was so popular back then. We pushed out the back wall 3 feet to give us more counter space and it made a huge difference.

We completely gutted the kitchen and got all new cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  I went with white cabinets, white subway tile for the backsplash, and a gorgeous black granite with little flecks of sparkle in it for the countertop.

I’ve always loved the cozy, retro feel for smaller kitchens so I found inexpensive black and white tiles and did a checkerboard pattern on the floor. I am obsessed!

I don’t really do “neutral” if I can help it so you can always count on me to pick bold patterns and colors.  Obviously I went with a red accent to compliment the black and white (I actually ended up carrying this red accent throughout the rest of my house). Luckily I designed this in my head before my wedding so I registered for Spode red and white polka dot dinnerware and bakeware as well as Fiesta black dinnerware to complement the kitchen.


This ended up being super important since some of the cabinets were glass. I also found a little red chandelier to give the kitchen some extra pizzaz.

The kitchen table is actually an old one from the 80’s that I painted black and added red cushions from Pier 1 to the chairs. Really, anything I buy for the kitchen is red. If an appliance I want comes in red, you bet I’m buying it!

I’m so happy with how my kitchen turned out. It definitely gives a lot of personality into this small space and even though I don’t always love cooking, I love spending time here.

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