Lion King Jr

I just wrapped up production on Lion King Jr for Travis Ranch Elementary. What a fantastic show!

We produce this show for our local elementary every year and it’s always a fun and challenging experience.  For the most part, the kids that participate in this show are not theatre kids so it’s really fun to see them get the performing experience and light up on stage.

This show in particular had amazing costumes. There were about 250 kids in this show split into 2 separate casts.  I rented a lot of the leads and scoured the internet for deals on the others.

The sheer size of the cast is always A LOT to handle and my garage was understandably full (and still is since I have yet to get them all boxed up and put into storage).

In the end, it’s always worth it to see the kids and parents so happy and excited.  Now it’s on to the next show, but first here’s a backstage shot of my faves… the little Wildebeests… played by our Pre-K through 2nd grade boys!


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      Thank you! Yes it was such a fun production. We had such a big cast that I had to mix and match my sources to get everyone costumed within budget. Simba, Mufassa, Timone, Pumba & the Hyenas were rented from Keane Designs in San Juan Capistrano. I bought the Lionesses and Wildebeests from Chasing Fireflies but they’re not available on that site anymore. I still have some if you’re looking though 🙂 We had TONS of chorus animals and I sourced a lot of those from China.

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      Hi Samantha! Yes I still have quite a few actually. They are SO amazing in person. I couldn’t snap a good enough photo to do them justice. I believe I have 20ish left? How many do you need?

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      Hi! I wish I had the skills to make those! They were made by Melinda Keane of Keane Designs here in Southern California 🙂

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