I just closed on a production of Annie for my theatre company and thought I’d share some photos and the promo video! We weren’t especially excited to produce this one, mostly because it’s so overdone, but we figured it was time.  We were pleasantly surprised!

This show is great for youth theatre’s because there are SO MANY things for little girls to do to show their character onstage, or as our choreographer said “be as stinky as possible.” The orphans in our show were so cute and you could tell they were having the time of their lives in every scene. Which is the point of what we do, right? 

Anyway, awesome show, happy kiddos, and one tired almost-9-months-pregnant mama, and now it’s on to washing the costumes and setting up for our next show. Lion King which we’re producing for Travis Ranch Elementary moves into the theatre this weekend. Yikes!