Scratch Off Gender Reveal Baby Announcement

So since my baby secret is out now I thought it’d be fun to share my gender reveal with the world. The easiest way to let everybody know is to do a Facebook post obviously, but for some reason I really wasn’t feeling that this time. Still, there are people in the world that need to know or would get their feelings hurt if they weren’t told so I decided I would mail out announcements.  After receiving a super cute scratch card from a friend I decided that this was the way to go so I designed this fun Pumpkin-themed card to announce the big news just after Halloween.

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I bought 5×7 pearl paper from Papersource to print it on and give it a little pizzazz.  I was planning on using one of those do-it-yourself scratcher methods for which you use contact paper and paint but actually found some ready-made scratcher stickers on Amazon. Total time-saver! They come in silver or gold and have a few size/shape options.Everyone loved them and I’m happy to have something to add to my new baby’s scrapbook. Can’t wait for February!