Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Fun? Convenient? Overpriced? Disappointing?  Yes on all counts!

Oh Stitch Fix. You really have the potential to be so awesome. But honestly there are traits to your service that just bug me. So I have to ask myself, is it worth it? For those of you who aren’t familiar, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you a box of 5 clothing items based on your tastes. You do have  human stylist but from what I’ve experienced, it seems like most items are sifted through a computer program that takes into account different styles, prices and fits you’ve liked in the past. There’s a styling fee of $20 but that is credited toward any items you keep. You also receive 25% off the box if you keep everything. Here’s a typical array of items in a box along with what I love, what could be better, and what can’t be helped. (This particular box had a good mix of things in it. Sometimes this is not the case as you’ll see later in my review.)


What I Love
Convenience: Let’s be real, most of us moms don’t have a whole lot of time to go to the mall anymore and when we do we’re focused on getting in and getting out before the next nap/meal/tantrum/etc., and having clothes picked for you and delivered to your doorstep feel like heaven.

Fun: Getting my box every month is always super fun. You never know what you’re going to get and what girl doesn’t love to try on new clothes?

Brands: Where I think Stitch Fix shines is in their “Stitch Fix Exclusive” brands and designs. They have well-known brands that will offer exclusive colors in their popular styles to Stitch Fix customers, as well as brands that you may have never heard of that can sometimes only be purchased through Stitch Fix. One of my favorite brands that I’ve discovered is Papermoon. I swear I keep every Papermoon top my stylist sends me!


What Could Be Better
Price: This is a huge sticking point for me. In my mind, the only time the items are priced well is if I only keep one and use the $20 styling fee (which I would loose if I didn’t keep anything) or if I keep the whole box and get 25% off everything. Other than those instances, Stitch Fix is way overpriced with most items.  How do I know this? I shop online sale websites ALOT. Now yes, the prices listed on Stitch Fix are probably MSRPs but my problem is that they make you pay the full price even when an item is from last year or even three years ago! This is not okay with me. Stitch Fix tries to hide the clothing items with different names so you can’t search them online but I’ve found some items on blog posts from 2013 and others I look up with the tag that’s on the item instead of what’s on my invoice.


What Could Be Better

Clothing Mix: I will never understand how a stylist will send me a healthy mix of clothes and then 4 of the same thing the very next month.  For example, one box I was sent a romper, a dress, 2 tops, and a pair of jeans and kept them all. They were so cute and perfect for my style! The very next month I was sent 4 tops and a pair of jeans… what? Not only did I just keep a pair of jeans and 2 tops from the last month but they were all really similar to jeans and tops I’ve kept in the past.  Like, too similar. So I sent everything back. I actually had to stipulate on my next box to not send me more than one top and no jeans.  My mom does Stitch Fix too with mixed results and between her boxes and mine it seems like the go-to choice for the stylists is a pair of jeans and flowy top. That’s all good until you’re on your twelfth box.


What Could Be Better

Ageism: This probably has to do with the computer system and that’s the problem. As I said, my mom and I both do Stitch Fix. My mom is a stylish woman in her 60’s who looks younger than she is. I wouldn’t say she “dresses young” really but she’s in great shape so she dresses more like a woman in her 40’s. Her boxes are sometimes comical and the items look frumpy on her. It’s hilarious because we have the same things on our profile and I even made her a Pinterest board for the stylist to use for reference. And they still don’t send her very cute things. That’s why I’m convinced the computer doesn’t even present some of the younger looks to her stylists (and she’s gone through multiple stylists).


What Can’t Be Helped


Stylist Matching: As a customer, you don’t get to hand pick your stylist. You are assigned one for each fix. And like all relationships, stylist relationships can be hit or miss. It seems like the system assigns you a stylist for one box and then changes that stylist based on your reaction to that box. For my first few boxes, I only kept one item so my stylist changed every time. Then on my fourth box, I found the perfect stylist for me and magically loved everything in my box! She became my stylist for the next several boxes. She then went on “vacation” from which she never returned and I had to start the stylist cycle all over again. I’ve finally found another stylist that gets my style and we’ve been doing well so far.  But this process is frustrating to say the least.


So there you have it. The good, the bad, and the frustrating about Stitch Fix.  Is Stitch Fix worth it? My answer is still a hesitant yes. It really depends on the type of person you are. If you love finding deals and buying things on sale, then this may not be the service for you. If you enjoy trying new things then Stitch Fix is definitely a fun service for you. Is it perfect? Definitely not, but as long as you don’t go into it expecting a perfect box every time then you’ll probably enjoy it. Here’s my referral link if you want to give it a try:

Anyone else have experience with Stitch Fix? Let me know how you liked it!

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