Green Chef: Steak & Summer Squash

Green Chef: Steak & Summer Squash

Another week, another meal delivery! This time from Green Chef. If you’re unfamiliar with the company it’s a meal delivery service similar to Blue Apron and Hello Fresh except everything is organic. Click here to learn more: Quick Meal Delivery Comparison.

The ingredients (amounts are not listed on recipe card): Sirloin steaks, Broccoli, Pecorino Romano Cheese, Yellow squash and zucchini, Red onion, Grape tomatoes, Parsley & mint, Red wine vinaigrette.

This meal was another winner, though after having the best steak of my life the other week from Sun Basket, it was a little hard to keep myself from comparing the two.  With this meal, the sides are what really shined. There was a ton of fresh produce so I definitely felt that I got my daily serving of veggies in.

Prep Time (actual): 30 minutes

With all of the awesome veggies comes all of the prep which includes washing and chopping. There was a really cool method of prepping the zucchini and squash that I had never tried before. To make the zucchini/squash ribbons you use a peeler and drag it lengthwise across them. You then halve the tomatoes and toss them in a bowl with the ribbons and onion and drizzle with the vinaigrette. Top that off with the parsley and mint, yummy!

Total Meal Time: 35 minutes (on card), 55 minutes (actual)

Nutrition: 450 calories per serving

Dishes Used: sheet pan, mixing bowl, frying pan, tongs, knife, cutting board.

All-in-all this dish was tasty and loaded with veggies.  The total time it took to make was 20 minutes longer than the card said it would be and that can be attributed to the cooking of the steaks. I was given 2 pieces that were very different from each other in thickness and both of them must have been thicker than the steak Green Chef used in their test kitchen. The instructed cook time on the steaks was 5 minutes to sear and then 6-8 minutes roasted in the oven. I had to put one steak in the oven for 9 minutes and the other for 15 in order for the meats to reach the proper temperature for medium rare. Luckily I had my handy meat thermometer or we would have been eating some pretty raw steaks.
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